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White or black she turns them back  

showing me there are three 

colors that once were chosen  

to divide mankind's dream.    

Two came from a prism fallen  

through the skin of ripened fruit.  

The other shows its face in myths

and the charts the ancients used.  

The first drop left me wanting more  

so I left my house in time  

to follow her through dog wood trees  

where their sap ran through my eyes.  



She layed me down just in time 

to see color magnified.  

One more day to see like this.

One new color of confluence.   

She gave me water that soon went dry.  

I'll live off sand humus this time.  

Ain't it funny when love becomes sin?  

One new color to see it in.  



She had wrinkles on her back  

from laying on the sheets.  

Hers grew like tree branches  

mine looked like disease.    

When I rose there was salt leaking  

from the corner of my eyes.  

I tried not to scratch them  

so I wouldn't lose the sight.    

I was in the heart of the woods  

and time was running out for me.  

Never met such a fine person  

as the one who dropped the seed.  



She lays me down in time,  

to see color magnified.  

Ain't it funny to be blessed with sin? 

One new color to spend it in.    

She gave me water in the evening time,  

just as I was passing by.  

One more day in the color of bends.

One new color I see again. 

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